Whatever space you have – whether a business or a residential space – you’ll want to make sure that you can keep it well-maintained and looking great. You’ll want to include pieces of furniture that won’t only draw attention to them, but will also make anyone occupying the space feeling comfortable. These would be pieces of furniture that will satisfy the senses and will last long as well. You may consider different materials and look out for those with interesting designs, including wooden furniture. The right combination of these wooden pieces placed within a common space within your house or office can exude timeless elegance that you’ll want to maintain for a long time. And if you have the best spray paint for wooden furniture, it will be easier to keep overall appeal for a long time.

Maintaining Wooden Furniture

For those who consider house maintenance a part of their daily schedule, keeping those pieces of furniture looking their best won’t be a problem. But for those who only rely on house cleaners or do housekeeping only once they have the time since they have a business to tend to or need to go to work every day, it will be a bit of a challenge to squeeze in furniture cleaning even every once in a while.

Remember that if you won’t be able to provide appropriate care to your wooden furniture, soon you’ll notice that these once considered functional art pieces will lose their shine and may even develop cracks that will later damage the wooden structure.



Extreme temperature as well as constantly humid environments can likewise harm wooden furniture. Aside from the regular maintenance works that you may want to apply to keep your wooden pieces of furniture’s elegance, strength, and durability. Considering that, you will need to make sure that the temperature within the space is kept between 70 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fortunately, there are ingenious products that you can use to protect decorative furniture pieces and keep them looking new, one of which is having them spray painted with a high quality spray paint.

Spray Paint, Brush On or Roll On Painting?

Painting helps maintain, restore older pieces of furniture, even allows you to customize its look and feel to complement the overall appeal of an entire space. You can either have the wooden furniture spray painted or use brush on or roll on painting techniques to do the job. The best technique to use if you would like to have any piece of furniture painted, depends on the furniture material as well as the type of finish that you would like to have.

If you want to have an even paint coverage on any material without any visible brushstroke, spray painting is the best option to go with. It’s also easier to apply and cleanup since you won’t be needing a lot of tools. Drying time is a lot quicker as well than using latex paint.

However, if you are not in a rush, want more color options, and would rather opt for a more competitively priced alternative, a brush on paint is the better way to go.

How to Spray Paint Wooden Furniture

Have the materials ready

All the supplies that you will need for the spray painting job should be readily available, so you can work without interruption once you get started. You will need pieces of old newspaper (or anything that you can use to cover the work space with) a mask, gloves, sandpaper, primer and spray paint. A paint sealer may also be used, but it won’t be necessary to use all the time.

Prepare your work area

Look for a convenient, well-ventilated location where you may spray paint your wooden furniture. You may also want to cover the work space with pieces of used newspaper so it will be a lot easier to clean up later.

Prepare the furniture for painting

Make sure to clean the surface of the pieces of furniture that you want to paint. Look out for any loose screws, cracks, and any structural problems that need to be fixed before starting with the spray painting job.

Sanding the furniture will also be necessary to ensure a perfect finish. Pay close attention to any rough or uneven parts in the wood. Follow the direction of the wood grain as you sand.

Apply primer

Once you are ready with the piece of furniture to be painted, you can start by applying some primer on it. This will allow the spray paint to adhere well to the painted surface. Once the first coating dries, a second application is necessary.

Use the spray on paint

Spray on the paint using long, even strokes. Make sure that the paint is sprayed all over the wooden surface. Spray just enough to have a smooth, even finish. Then, allow the surface to dry before spraying on the paint a second time.

Apply a paint sealer

Just like the primer, applying a sealer will increase the chance that the spray on paint will adhere properly and will make your painting job last longer. Take note, however, that this might not be necessary for woven pieces of furniture.

Best Spray Paint for Wooden Furniture

There are a lot of options when it comes to the best spray paint for wooden furniture. As mentioned earlier, it will depend on the material that you will be using the spray paint on. Other considerations may include the brand, cost, warranty and refunds, customer reviews, as well as the quality of customer service provided. And as these paint materials are available both online and otherwise, you will have a lot of options to choose from. It is best to limit your options and decide only after you have done some research.

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