Men of today are just like women who also crave for attention and appreciation. When it comes to getting notice, there is more than just your dress and your face that matter, however. As the hair complements every face, every man also mind how his hair look just as much how he projects confidence with his overall look. But a comb or a brush is not enough to style a man’s hair. And when it comes to men’s styling products, there are just about too many to choose from that anyone looking for the right product to use may find it quite a challenge.

Men’s hairstyles continue to develop and with a new trend comes a wide variety of products to choose from. Just the way you wear your clothes or your shoes, your hair says a whole lot about you and your fashion sense. Since many hold up to the standard of the world when it comes to fashion and style, some may find it a bit intimidating when finding the right hair style or changing a current hair style.Men’s-Styling-Products

There are so many men’s styling products, beard and shaving products, and all other hair products that are made available every now and then. The men of today also go to the spa, get their nails done, buy designer labels, and pay so much attention to how they look in the mirror. Even the well-accepted “just rolled out of bed” looks take a lot of effort for many, not to mention a lot of products as well. Thus, it just makes sense that anyone looking for the best styling products for men get be well aware of some of these products that are available in the market today.

Types of Men’s Styling Products

Hair styling products can either improve manageability or keep the hair in place. Hence, they are categorized into either a fixative or pliable product. Fixative hair products dry hard like gel and hairspray. Pliable hair products, on the other hand, remain flexible when applied into the hair, such as pomades and waxes.

Fixative Hair Styling Products

Gels. Gels are usually water-based mixtures that work well for those who want to have that wet, sleek look. There are varieties of this product that break and leaves flakes on the hair, so you need to make sure that you get some good alternatives. You can find the better brands in those that are sold at salons. These gel options provide either a firm or light hold.

If you have a fine hair, one that provides a lighter hold will work best for you. A firm hold gel will only weigh your hair down. Instead of getting the hairstyle that you want, you will end up with a limp-looking hair that looks nothing but great on you.

Hairsprays. Hairsprays are also called spritz or hair lacquer. They are used as a finishing product and are sprayed onto the hair to keep a style in place and prevent it from the wind. These hair styling products are made with several ingredients including propellants, polymers and plasticizers. Many hairsprays also contain sunscreen for bald head that adds shine to the hair when sprayed on it. Just like choosing a gel, you have to look for one that provides the lightest protection to your hair type.

Pliable Hair Products

Pomades. Pomades can be made to be either be water or wax based. They are used to add shine to the styled hair while maintaining a flexible hold. Pomade leaves a wet, shiny look. If you want a sleek, well-groomed style, this is the styling product that you should use. It can be used for shorter, textured hair styles, but will work best in leaving a shiny finish to a long hair. Just a small amount of this product is enough to use apply to a slightly damp hair or dry hair. Make sure that you wash off your hair before you go to bed, however. If you leave any product on your hair and continue to use it, soon it will clog your pores and cause problems like flaking, itchiness, and other hair and scalp problems.

Waxes. Waxes are just like pomade except that they are more aggressive and petroleum based. They lend shine and control to short cuts, including flattops and buzzcuts. Waxes also work well with thick hair. You apply wax on the hair just like how you do with pomade except that it must be applied on hair that is thoroughly dry. Again, never leave any of the product on your hair at night. Make sure you wash your hair off before you sleep at night. Wax is also not intended to be used on fine hair.

Muds and Clays. These products are applied on the hair just like pomade and wax. Muds (or fibers) are perfect when you need maximum hold or to have that “bed head” type styles. It gives texture to short cuts and leaves disheveled styles and adds separation to long styles.

Creams and Pastes. These styling creams are made to be soft and opaque.They are lighter and are intended to control flyaway hair. It also lends a bit of shine and control on your hair and does not make it feel that you have it on your hair.

Now that you have these options for men’s styling products, you can one that best suits your needs.